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CounterStrike® CSST, a product that made its debut in 2004, is renowned for gas piping systems across a variety of settings, including single and multi-family residential buildings and commercial/industrial facilities. The superior corrugated tubing and AutoFlare® fittings contribute to its superior performance. OmegaFlex®, a leader in the industry, boasts additional proprietary products such as CounterStrike® for improved lightning protection, Tracpipe® PSII for underground use, and AutoTrip® Excess Flow Valves.

In the field of flexible metallic piping, OmegaFlex® has over 200 patents registered worldwide. OmegaFlex® manufactures proprietary products for a wide range of applications and markets, including steel production, semi-conductors, medical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, residential, residential and commercial construction, and power generation.

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